Best Bits and October Check In


We've had a few fun things that have come up... One of them being, I spent the day at Disney with a friend. We hit up Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom :) And she introduced me to the gloriousness known as Frozen Chai tea. It was amazing! Last weekend we helped some friends move and we … [Continue reading]

Bag, Pockets, Apera Sling Tote, Oh My!


I received the Apera Sling Tote to use and then share my honest review. So here it is! And you have a chance to win an Apera bag as well! Woohoo! When I started going to the pool more often, I also started thinking about other activities I could do outside of the house (bike rides, yoga) and I … [Continue reading]

When I Was A Kid: What If

What If poem typewriter

Statement: I miss my therapy sessions. I was able to talk about whatever I wanted and it brought up a lot of things that I didn't think were bothering me (or even bothered me as a child.) However, my mom has been cleaning out all of the closets in their house and every time I see her, I get … [Continue reading]

Saving Money at Disney World


Recently my Disney World annual pass expired. While I will miss being able to go into the parks anytime I really wanted to, I will be saving some money, on the ticket and meals! Eating at Disney World isn't the cheapest thing...not even close. But when eating at a quick service restaurant (where … [Continue reading]

Closing Another Chapter


Lately I've been going through a bit of a struggle with whether or not I should be stay with OA. I haven't been going to the meetings regularly and that was mainly because I wasn't sure of the path I wanted to take with the program. As I've shared in the past, I really like the group that I see … [Continue reading]