Medieval Times


I received two comp tickets from Medieval Times Orlando for an honest review. Orlando is home to quite a few different dinner shows, especially around the theme park area. We've only gone to a couple of the shows around here and Medieval Times was one of them. We went quite a few years ago … [Continue reading]

OTown Is Back!


Remember back when boy bands had fun music and they were all the rage? (Surely that wasn't just me!) If you don't know, I was quite hardcore boy band/music obsessed growing up, but I'll save that for another day ;) Well, OTown is back together again (minus one, but I don't miss him..oops) My … [Continue reading]

Learning How To Live

The name of my blog is Living the Before, but we all know that, right? The keyword for me is living. Guess what I feel like I'm not doing? Living. It didn't hit me until we went to the OTown concert...   As soon as we walked into the baseball stadium, I reverted back to middle school. … [Continue reading]

Back On The Bike


Thanks to my goal sheet (though it's not filling up as I had planned), I have been on my bike more this month than in so many months prior. While I'm not on track with riding 3x/week, I am riding! My first ride was 1.3 miles and it just felt nice to be back out there and on the road … [Continue reading]

Gnarly Barley (Restaurant Review)


It's a fact, we go out to eat a lot. I didn't say it was a good fact, but it is a fact. And I figure that since we do eat out so much that I would share them with you from time to time, incase locals are reading or if you're ever in town :) ..... The Gnarly Barley is a place that we … [Continue reading]