Cocoa Beach – Lori Wilson Park


Most of our friends know that we are not really "beach people". I don't mind going every once in a while, but Jeff is not a fan. As long as I've got some shade and a place to retreat to, I'm normally good. Jeff on the other hand, still not a fan. I don't swim in the ocean. I like … [Continue reading]

Beating The Binge Cycle

When the first thing on the way to or from dinner is what snack I'm going to have later, I know that it'll be a difficult night for me. Grab the candy and eat it. Grab the pretzels and eat it. Grab a pack of fruit snacks and eat it. Grab the beef jerky and eat it. Why? Great question. My … [Continue reading]

Book Case, Chatting with Jenny Mollen, and a Giveaway!


This past few months I have been in a reading mood, which I love! (Stick around til the end...there's a fun giveaway!) Before I share some of the books I've read since the last Book Case, I wanted to get some info out there about a book chat we'll be doing very soon! Remember when I gushed … [Continue reading]

Medieval Times


I received two comp tickets from Medieval Times Orlando for an honest review. Orlando is home to quite a few different dinner shows, especially around the theme park area. We've only gone to a couple of the shows around here and Medieval Times was one of them. We went quite a few years ago … [Continue reading]

OTown Is Back!


Remember back when boy bands had fun music and they were all the rage? (Surely that wasn't just me!) If you don't know, I was quite hardcore boy band/music obsessed growing up, but I'll save that for another day ;) Well, OTown is back together again (minus one, but I don't miss him..oops) My … [Continue reading]