Emma and The Cone (aka Our Pet Emergency)


For the past ten years I've had very few constants in my life. One of the biggest ones has been Emma. Yep, my cat. I was lucky enough to have been persuaded to take her home after my mom and I saw her at the Humane Society. I picked up her brother at first and somehow ended up leaving with my … [Continue reading]

What I Won’t Miss: Being Scared (Guest Post)

When I reached out to Mindy to see if she would talk about what she wouldn't miss I was super excited when she said yes because Mindy is a huge motivator of mine! I love reading her blog and getting insight to what she's gone through (and is going through) to get to her goal weight. I'm so happy … [Continue reading]

Ways To Change Up Your Schedule

We all have our schedules. Some of us have ever changing ones. Others enjoy knowing what will happen on a particular day at a particular time. And then there's me. And I have a somewhat steady schedule and that is making me really antsy. I'm stuck in a rut. I get out of bed later in the … [Continue reading]

Up and Back From Kentucky (and a Weigh In)


Our Friday started off super early - 4:00AM. (Collective groan.) We had a flight to catch! We had quite a busy weekend in Kentucky. The reason we went up is to see Jeff's son again. It's always fun to catch up with him and what's going on. I got on the scale Friday morning before we left … [Continue reading]

April Goals and A Weigh In


As the months roll on, the year seems to be getting crazier and crazier. (Cliche enough?) I've got transcription work scheduled (yay!) I'll be working out of the house on a live show for a week (what?!) And we're traveling back up to Kentucky to see Jeff's son and family. Oh and let's not … [Continue reading]