Disney Cruise Line: Panama Canal Crossing (Days 1-3)


This trip had so many amazing things about it (plus I took too many pictures for one post), so I'm going to split up our Disney Cruise Line 14-day Panama Canal Crossing cruise into bite size pieces. This trip happened by chance... Jeff and Jacobus' company did some work for the cruise line and … [Continue reading]

What Are You Hungry For?


I received What Are You Hungry For? The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul by Deepok Chopra for free. I enjoyed the book so much that I wanted to pass on some of the information I learned and loved. When I first started reading What Are You Hungry For?, I … [Continue reading]

I Am Beautiful. I Am Loved. I Am Enough.


A major part of my anxiety and obsessive thoughts have revolved around comparing. I will say that I'm an observer and it's definitely biting me in the brain now. I'm always looking around and see what's around me - and normally that's other people. Over the past month I've gotten in a terrible … [Continue reading]

10 Ways To Help Battle Anxiety


Normally I'm a pretty happy person. Like everyone, I have my ups and downs. Very few times have I had (what I would consider) severe downs. Anxiety. Depression. It seems silly to be so down after a two week trip, but just recently its hit me. Hard. You see, I have a very active … [Continue reading]

Staying Untangled – Cordskinz Giveaway!


Cordskinz sent me a pair of skins to try out and review, along with a pair to giveaway! All opinions and headphones are my own.  Think about it...how many times has this happened... You're ready to get out the door to go for a walk (or run...whatever floats your boat) and after searching for … [Continue reading]