12 Hours in Atlanta


Last week, it seemed we got a bit of a “cold” front in Florida. I mean, I wore a scarf…that hardly ever happens! It's the time of year when we're up in Kentucky to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jeff's side of the family. And it's supposed to be cold! We made a few stops because apparently I … [Continue reading]

Prepping For a Shoot (And a Giveaway!)


Let's have a giveaway before we even get this post started! Sound good? Swanson Vitamins was kind enough to give my blog friends and I a $50 gift card for you guys and then we decided to sweeten it and get another $50 gift card to give away! That's right! There's TWO $50 gift cards up for … [Continue reading]

Emotions of a Did Not Finish (DNF)

Did not finish

This race was paid for by Enell. They supported me in more ways than one...and I really need them to make supportive shin sleeves apparently :) **I am SO thankful for all the comments I've received! Please know that I have been reading them as they've come in and I WILL be commenting back once I … [Continue reading]

5k and November Goals


The past couple of weekends have been a bit...sporty? I mean, we went to the Orlando Solar Bear game a couple weeks ago and then last Sunday, Jeff had a client meeting at the EverBank Stadium where the Jacksonville Jaguars play (They actually did some work that is displayed on the largest end zone … [Continue reading]

Turning Negative Thoughts Around


I tend to spend way too much time thinking about... ...if someone is looking at/judging me. ...why I haven't heard from x person. ...all the possible outcomes. ...if I'll be able to complete a 5k in a time I want. ...what the scale will say week to week. The list can go on and on, … [Continue reading]