Staying Untangled – Cordskinz Giveaway!


Cordskinz sent me a pair of skins to try out and review, along with a pair to giveaway! All opinions and headphones are my own.  Think about many times has this happened... You're ready to get out the door to go for a walk (or run...whatever floats your boat) and after searching for … [Continue reading]

Zoominations, Chinese Lantern Festival at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo


You know how sometimes the internet finds you fun things to do? Or maybe you're scrolling through Groupon and you see something that sparks your interest? Yeah, Zoominations was one of those things for me. I came across the link, checked out the website, and sent the link to my friend, … [Continue reading]

April Goals and Catch Up


Oh boy...April. I'm sorry that I seem to be neglecting you. But honestly, all I keep thinking about is May...when the cruise is :) But let's back it up a bit. Before our quick Kentucky trip to see family and Jeff's on, I had a call with Stepfanie and we set some goals. (I needed that call, … [Continue reading]

Shopping for Plus Size Swimsuits

shopping for

Have I mentioned that I'm going on a two week cruise? (Seriously...I don't think I have, right?) I mean, it snuck up on me because it only happened a couple of weeks ago. And....we leave very soon! With that being said, I knew that I needed/wanted to get some new clothes. Clothes shopping … [Continue reading]

Walt Disney World: Behind the Seeds

Walt Disney World

Just when I think I had done it all at Disney World (that's a lie), a new-to-me tour shows up on my radar. (I actually haven't done a lot of the tours at Disney because...well, the fact that they are normally $$$ and I don't want all of my money going to Disney.) One afternoon when I was at … [Continue reading]