Open Letter to Bullies


I feel as though most of us have had bad things happen to us in the past. Some of us may hang on to those bad things. While others have the ability to forgive and forget a bit easier. I am completely guilty of hanging onto things. I tell myself that I'm so self conscious because I was … [Continue reading]

LEGOLAND Florida Resort: Hotel Hard Hat Tour


It's not really a secret that I love pretty much all things LEGO. So when I was invited to go to the opening date announcement, first hard hat tour, and to hear what the new expansion was going to be, I quickly said yes! As soon as I arrived I was handed a hat and vest and off we went to hear … [Continue reading]

Health Coach: My First Sessions


Stepfanie contacted me about receiving six weeks of health coaching with her in exchange for a blog post at the end of our sessions. Because I'm loving it so much, I wanted to share the information with you as the sessions happen. Back in December, I set three goals for myself. *6,000 steps … [Continue reading]

How We Met (11 Years Later)


This past weekend Jeff and I did some early celebrating of our 11 year anniversary, which is today - January 13! Wait...seriously? 11 years? So crazy to think about. That's over a 1/3 of my life haha. How did we celebrate? We treated ourselves to Universal annual passes! Yay! Harry Potter … [Continue reading]

Turning In My Clean Plate Club Card

Turning In My Clean Plate Club Card

2014 was the year I finally realized what was holding me back when it came to weight loss... Binge eating. I attended quite a few OA meetings, liked them, and somewhat quickly fell out of like with them. That being said, I'm glad I went to the meetings and met some of the awesome people … [Continue reading]