Living the Before’s Third Blogiversary

Today is Living the Before’s 3rd birthday (or blogiversary, if you will!) Yay!


I can’t believe I’ve been sharing so much of my life for three years now!

This past year has been a huge growth of me and Living the Before. I feel like I have taken a lot of steps in the right direction this past year for me to actually lose the weight I’ve had such a hard time getting started with. It’s been (and still is) a huge mental game for me and any step toward a better and happier life is something I want to celebrate. As for the blog, as weird as the timing is, yesterday was my highest traffic day in the past three years! So that must mean something…right? 😉


Sadly/stupidly, I’m not sure what the word is, a couple of years ago I went through old posts and deleted some of the ones I didn’t like.

A lot of them were the first posts I ever wrote, however I’m SO happy this is the first post. It was HUGE thing for me to do and as the title says, I definitely conquered a fear! (I’m glad I got to do that with Kiran, Katy, and Bess!) *This was also the last time I dyed my hair!*



A huge decision was made in the middle of 2011 and I quit my job and went back to work in television production and I haven’t looked back since! (Though my job has somewhat changed since then, I’m so happy this change was made!!) I was able to put together some awesome shows with some awesome people!

I got a wake up call from my doctor and yet I still gained more weight since then. I’m not letting that hold me back, I’ll just be happy when I cross that 230 line off my “to do” list 🙂

Something hit me and I wrote about my past and how I got bullied in school and how it affects me today. This is still one of my favorite posts to date.

We visited Las Vegas and Disneyland!


Jeff and I volunteered at the Walt Disney World Marathon for the first time and I loved it!!

Goodbye Robot (Jeff and Jacobus’ company) put out their very first lyric video for Grammy-winning rapper, Chamillionaire!

I started my What I Won’t Miss posts with this one.

We spent my birthday week in New York City!

And then we turned our house into the “Crayola Home” by painting it a million different colors and I still love it!

I started therapy and loved it. It was so emotional and it worked for me. (Sadly it ended a few sessions later due to scheduling and money.) However, it gave me one of my favorite postsLetter to My Wall.


And here we are at 2013! This year has just been a crazy ride (in the best way possible) and I can’t wait to look back in the next couple of weeks! 🙂

While this isn’t “my” birthday, a part of me feels like it is! So today I celebrate!

I celebrate the friendships I’ve made because of blogging (you all know who you are!) and the progress I’ve made (even if it’s only mental, it’s progress!)

Thank YOU for joining me along this crazy, never ending, awesome walk jog!

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4 thoughts on “Living the Before’s Third Blogiversary

  1. yay! I’m excited to go back and read old posts, I understand deleting posts, but at the same time I think its fun to look back on how things used to be.

  2. !! I love the party hats on your header!!!! So festive! I might have to steal the idea of decorating my header for my blogiversary. I’ll give you credit!

    Anyway…I said it on Twitter, but I shall say it here too (and maybe in a text as well, because…why not? It’s an exciting day!): HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Aside from this fun jog down memory lane, how are you celebrating?

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