Streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There really is something about looking at the details of places and one of my favorite places to do that is around Walt Disney World.

Since I shared photos from my other favorite park, Animal Kingdom (the details there are amazing!), I wanted to do other posts to showcase the other parts of one of my favorite things to do – walk around Disney 🙂

I have a soft spot for Hollywood Studios (or MGM Studios as it was called when I worked on the backlot.)

I used to be able to take a lunch break and go ride a ride or grab lunch or just walk around the park. It truly is a magically place.

These photos are from around Hollywood Studios park entrance and by/in Tower of Terror (my all time favorite ride!)

IMG_8355 IMG_8357 Crossroads Hollywood Studios IMG_8360 Crossroads Hollywood Studios IMG_8365 Mickey Mouse old new techology IMG_8367 IMG_8369 IMG_8371 Disney pet clinic IMG_8375 IMG_8378 IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8385 Tower of Terror details Tower of Terror details Tower of Terror details Tower of Terror details Tower of Terror Highland Ave neon lights


I’m trying to decide where I want to wander around next.

What’s your favorite Disney World park?

7 thoughts on “Streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. I love MGM! When my mom brother and I come to orlando we usually do one day of universal (he loves barney) and one day of disney, for the longest time I insisted on mgm because the park is so much more manageable than WDW. I’m planning on running the princess half with friends this year and we are hoping to make it to all the parks!

  2. I loved all of the parks when I was there, but took the most pictures in Epcot. I think you would probably have to split it in two though… one post for the World Pavilions (my favorite) and one for the rest of Epcot. I was there right before or right after the flower festival (i can’t remember which), so there were lots of Disney character topiaries… my favorite was Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing.

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