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When I decided that I wanted to go to Full Sail my senior year of high school, I’m pretty sure my parents were nervous. Though, I don’t remember them ever pushing a “regular” college experience on me.

Side note: Full Sail, when I went there, was mainly focused on programs such as recording arts, game design, computer animation. It runs on a 24 hour schedule, which means that one month lab/hands-on could be at 1am-5am and your class could be at 9am-1pm. *Yeah, let those times sink in* Your class and schedule change monthly and my program at the time was only 13 months long.

Either way, I chose the recording arts program at Full Sail and ran with it. Everything about that was out of my comfort zone…moving, living alone, graduating high school and jumping right back in. That’s a lot for anyone, much less a 18-year-old.

After graduating from recording arts, I got a great internship at a local studio and was able to work on a lot of fun projects.

Since then I’ve spent a majority of my time doing freelance work – no paid vacation time, no benefits, no sick days, no guarantee that you’ll be coming in the next month/week/day, no idea what the next project may be, all kinds of good stuff.

All of that to say, I’ve finally found the job I wanted.

I created it, my dream job.

It combines all of the things that I would want in a job – video, photography, talking to people, finding out new things, asking questions.


looq is a different perspective on things. Finding out more about a business by talking to the people that work there or an inside view of what an experience is like.

A few months ago I was terrified to start. How do I explain it? What do I want this to be? How will it look? WHAT AM I DOING?

But you know what?

Now, I’m thrilled to say that the first full looq went up last month!

And I’ve got two more close behind.

AND I’m taking part in an upcoming NASA Social, which means I get to take two days of tours at Kennedy Space Center and hopefully see a SpaceX CRS-8 Dragon launch!

Long story short…

The first step is taking the first step.

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