Emma is 10! (Yes, my cat)

It’s a happy day in our household, even though she had no idea what today is it’s our cat, Emma’s, 10th birthday! (At least it’s as close as I could get without actually knowing the real date since I got her from the pound when she was about 2 months old.)

This is just going to be a post with a lot of cat pictures. So, enjoy it! (That may or may not be a demand…)

emmabwOne of the first pictures I ever took of her when I moved out and it’s still one of my faves!

img014 img016 img017 img018Some more older photos. She’s just too dang cute.

38 37Then there’s the time that she was scared of a birthday card I got and she hissed and fought it.

IMG_1096 emma_bed_13 emma_counteremma_lazy10 years later, she’s still keeping us entertained and reminding us that we need to have a lazy day.

emma_comp_13Plus, she’s an excellent helper when it comes to blogging 😉

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