#Create2016: March

Woohoo! March. It happened.

Yoga: Backyard yoga came back and there was even an indoor session with friends due to a rainy few days.


Space for me: We’re all aware that it’s election time and honestly, this is one of the first ones I’ve really paid attention to and it’s scary. I made sure to vote and I also made sure to vote for the person I think will be best for us all.

We had a successful yard sale and we were able to clear out quite a bit of stuff from the garage. Yay!


Art: Jeff got me a new journal (from one of my favorite artists, Brandon Boyd from Incubus) and my plan is to doodle in it, which is something I never do.


Food: We’re not going out to eat as much anymore, but I do find myself ordering salads out from time to time now.


Normally snacking on road trips can be a big problem for me and I’m happy to say that during our Kentucky trip, I didn’t snack much at all. In fact, I came back having lost some weight.

Self-love: During our time in Kentucky, I made sure to get outside. The sky looked too beautiful and the weather was near perfect!


Self-care: I bought myself a comfy sweater that I now love and would like to live in.


Thanks to finding some Golden Tickets in my wallet, a friend and I treated ourselves to (free!) ice cream!


Healthy relationships: We celebrated my dad’s birthday and I had a talk with my parents because there was things I needed them to know about how I was feeling about a lot of things. I’m happy we had that talk.

There was also a trip to LEGO store with Amanda.

And we had a fun and full weekend with Taylor.


Videos/Pictures: We began shooting Eat More Work Less video and photos.

IMG_2974 IMG_3448

Work: Shot a couple looq interviews – one at a local strawberry/fruit market and another at a cemetery.

IMG_3355 IMG_3400

Content: I blogged about hitting a weight loss milestone!

Over on Instagram I hosted a giveaway and it involved video because YES.

A video posted by Kelly (@kellylynnwalker) on

Me time: I made jewelry and sold it at the yard sale 🙂


Healthy mindset: We donated quite a few bags of items which helped clear some space in the garage.

During a closet clean out (seeing a theme here?), I found some REALLY old shirts… like this one from 5th grade… AND IT FITS!


I hit a weight loss milestone – I’ve lost 30+ pounds and I’m at my lowest weight in a long time!


4 thoughts on “#Create2016: March

  1. Wow, I LOVE this post. When you put it out there like this it shows exactly how productive you’ve been. I love it even more because it is in all areas of your life. Congratulations on your milestone! I am hitting some streaks myself and with streaks come healthy habits and hopefully weight loss! I love seeing your smile!

    • I’ve been enjoying looking back to see what’s been completed (and what hasn’t haha) Thanks so much for EVERYTHING! Your kind words mean a lot 🙂

      And yay for healthy habits! For me, as long as I’m working toward a goal, I feel successful – for the most part 😉

    • Thanks! This year has definitely had some low points, but it’s nice to look back at what’s being accomplished too.

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