#Create2016: January

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How’s your 2016 going? As normal, we’ve had the random ups and downs of life, but overall, I feel pretty good and happy with how 2016 is shaping up.

(Here’s a recap of how I want to create my 2016 and lead an overall happier life.)

Yoga: I started Yoga Camp, which is a 30 day free course on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, I made it to around day 10 until my wrist started hurting. I have no excuse for the rest of the month, but I’m really hoping that I get back into it as a habit again.

IMG_2201Space for me: What I love about this is the space can move depending on where I am. The big overall goal here is that I want a place in the garage to work out and also in the backyard…I hear those spaces are coming soon 🙂

I’m also creating space in our house because I keep making the donate/garage sale piles bigger and bigger! Woohoo!

IMG_2472Art: Now that I have Prismacolor pencils, you would think I’d color more, however I need to step up my game. AND I have fun coloring books which need their pages filled. (Though I do really want this Harry Potter coloring book!)
IMG_2277Food: Thankfully we’ve been eating at home more. Jeff has been making awesome meals.

IMG_2336And I actually made dinner, so check that off the list – chicken thighs and vegetables…they were delicious and easy to make because…I put the ingredients in, up the lid on, and walked away 🙂


Self-love: MY first thoughts when I look in the mirror isn’t immediately to beat myself up mentally, so I KNOW there’s progress being made. Of course there’s times/days when I’m not thrilled with what I see, but I know that I’m making progress because those thoughts are not the only thing swimming around in my head.

Self-care: After shower care is huge for me now (lotion, moisturizer, etc) and my water intake has been quite good – thank you, Plant Nanny.

Being able to take care of myself includes keeping up with the house as well, and I know the house needs a good clean, so I started that, which also includes scrubbing the grout, by hand with a toothbrush…


Healthy relationships: Jeff and I celebrated 12 years together and we had a great day in St. Petersburg!

IMG_2417Learning how to love myself has made knowing who I want in my life and who I don’t so much easier. I got to hang with Amanda a couple times in January.

friends LEGOI had lunch with Jackie, which was nice to catch up.

We went to Hollywood Studios to see some of Jeff and Jacobus’ work and I got to see Jess (and the Queen of Hearts as a face character for the first time…what?!)


And we also had friends join us at a LEGOLAND media event! Golden LEGO figures, red carpet, 3D short, YouTube celebrities, and yes, that is a tiny cone with frosting and sprinkles.


I’m apparently getting old because I’m in the mindset now that social media/Facebook does not define a friendship. We need to talk, text, see each other, something.

Videos/Photos: This is one of the biggest things for me this year because I want to grow looq and make it mine. Thankfully, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and shot three interviews in a couple of hours 🙂 (…excuse me while I pat myself on the back…)


Work: I’m always looking for work and thankfully a new client came out of nowhere and I’m pumped for the project.

Content: I want my content to mean something, so I decided a while back that I’m done with the days of throwing posts up just because. I’m not against random “here’s what’s going on” posts, but I don’t want to post because I may not have posted for a week (or two, or three.) I’m working on a better me overall, and with that comes, blog, social media, visuals. I’ve also been cleaning up old posts, which has been interesting to read through some of those 🙂

Me time: Everyday I try to read or brainstorm, practice yoga, or just sit alone. It’s great because it works no matter where I am.

I ordered a Spark Planner to keep me more organized and into setting goals more, and received it on Jan 31, so I didn’t get to use it much in January, but omgosh, it’s a fave!


Healthy mindset: I have a long way to go because I need/want to stop judging. Sometimes it comes with a hint of jealousy because someone is thinner, prettier (you know, the standards), and then there are times where I am straight up judging. I don’t want others to judge me, so why should I do that to them? I need to worry about me and realize that I’m the only person I need to worry about – minus family and friends, of course.

How are your goals going so far? 

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  1. Yay this makes me happy!! 🙂
    My goals so far are going well! Recommitted to clean eating and finally getting back into a workout routine post marathon…this makes me feel great and sets the tone for all my other goals! Looks like 2016 is gonna be a good year!

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