#Create2016: February

It seemed as though we cranked things up a notch in February. And toward the end of the month it got a bit out of control, in a good way (if I remember it correctly haha)

You can see what lead me to decide to create my 2016 the way I wanted to in the original #Create2016 post.


Yoga: Didn’t happen nearly as much as I wanted it to, but our backyard had to be taken part for a bit, so I didn’t have my outdoor space. I did make sure to put my feet on the mat a couple of times though.

IMG_2945Space for me: After YEARS (as in 12) of playing separate car insurances, I finally got the grand idea to call our insurance company and see if Jeff and I could combine them – that whole “been together for a LONG time and not married” thing throws some companies off sadly. And amazingly enough, we are now saving $70 a month! Yay! More money for space upgrades!

Art: I was (practically) gifted a whole bunch of LEGO sets that can not be found in the stores anymore. I’m still going through them…though we do have shelves ready for them!

I got the first letter from my pen pal. She lives in Chicago. She blogs and yet I haven’t read anything about her online because getting to know someone through written letters is kind of foreign anymore.


Food: We ate at home a lot and it was fantastic.


Quite a bit of it was due to all of the food video and photo shoots we did 😉 And thanks to a Christmas gift from my parents, we finally were able to use our new fire pit and we enjoyed s’mores!


Self-love: Part of my self-love for the month was sending out Valentine cards to some friends. Getting their responses back was more than I could have asked for.


Self-care: My car was in need of getting the tires rotated and the airbags were under a recall, so I finally made it a priority to get those things taken care of.

And I, first for the time, donated to a presidential candidate (#feeltheburn)

Healthy relationships: Got to hang out with Kelly Christine for the first time in a long time. We caught up over tea and sweets. Jeff and I also hung out with Lukasz and Alicia – games, mini golf, working on their business.


Videos/Pictures: Our friend likes to cook and is getting into recipe development, so Jeff and I have been helping him and his wife start up their company. We did a LOT of photo and video shoots throughout February, plus I got all of his social media and website set up.


Work: I’ve worked at Golf Channel a bit over the years and sometimes I enjoy the fact that they randomly ask me if I want to come in and do different parts of the job. School of Golf needed some extra hands for one of their shows, so I got to run the teleprompter.IMG_2743

Content: I released the first full video on my project – a looq at Stormy Hill Harley Davidson.


Me time: Another re-watch of Gilmore Girls has begun! (I mean…we’re getting essentially four Gilmore Girls movies (not too) soon, so I NEED to re-watch.)


I’ve been reading way too many books at once and it’s not productive in the slightest, so I’ve been trying to finish one at a time so I can finish them and move on to the next in the Harry Potter series 🙂

Healthy mindset: When my car’s airbags were being replaced, I sat in the dealership to get some work done. It was a huge improvement for me because I didn’t care who was around me and I didn’t feel self conscious about taking up an entire table – though, it was a small table and there were plenty of other empty tables for people to use, I’m not that mean to strangers 😉 I also ate part of my lunch there and didn’t give a


I’m happy with how the year is shaping up so far. And thanks to my Spark Planner, I’ve been keeping up with goals and what I want to get done throughout the week. It’s nice to have my goals written down and track the progress.

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  1. I cannot freaking wait for Gilmore to be out! It sounds like Gilmore Guys is guessing November at the earliest. No word on if they’ll drop all four seasons (thats what they are calling each episode) at once, or if they’ll be distributed.

    • I’m not sure how I feel about them possibly releasing them all at once. I’m good either way really because as much as I’ll want to, I know there’s no way I can watch them all at one time 🙂

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