#Create2016: April, May, and June

We’ve had a couple of rough months and I’ve taken a bit of time to try to refocus on self-care, self-love, and some yoga.



In April, I did a little yoga inside and outside. I spent April resting when I needed to and stretching quite often. The rib inflammation crap is no joke and I spent time (almost daily) on the heating pad.

Oh, but I did hold a pose or two in front of the rocket 🙂

yoga SpaceX rocket NASA Social

May and June, there wasn’t much yoga and the only reason is because I just didn’t. There were a couple of shorter videos I followed, but I know I haven’t done as much as I need and want to, which is why it has been sneaking back into my life more and more recently.

Space for me

The past couple of months has involved me cleaning up the spare room and getting rid of my college books from 2003. Bye to them.

Full Sail student books 2003 2004

Now that we have rearranged in the spare room a little, I now have an area for photos, plus somewhere to keep all of my camera equipment!


The only thing I made of any importance.

Orlando Strong #OrlandoUnited #OrlandoStrong Pulse LEGO


I am so thankful that I do not have the constant mental battle of being worried about eating too much. I know what upsets my stomach, so I just avoid it, as much as possible/as much as I want.

Sometimes I enjoy a salad.
Sometimes I enjoy some meat and sweet potato fries.
Sometimes I enjoy a donut. Or ice pop.
ice pop Hippo St. Petersburg


When the work deadlines aren’t piling up, I am making sure that I take time for myself. Whether it’s sitting for a few minutes and reading or playing a game on my phone, doing something that I want throughout the day helps me stay on track (most of the time haha)

And I’ve spent a bit of time reading this lovely book. Oh, how I love thee.

Life Changing Magic Not Giving a Fuck practical parody


My friend gifted me lots of awesome five-free nail polish and I picked some up at Target as well. So I now have a few base coats and sparkles to switch it up 🙂

indie nail polish five free

And there’s also been tea time.

yelp mug tea infuser

Healthy relationships

We’ve been spending more time with friends and it’s been great. Whether we’re just hanging out, playing board games, walking 5ks, walking around theme parks, whatever, I try to just enjoy it as much as possible.

LEGOLAND 5k 2016 LEGOLAND 5k Benny Spaceship 2016Amanda and I took an afternoon to pay our respects and grieve at the memorial sites for the Orlando shootings.

In my wildest nightmare I never imagined something like this happening – and believe me when I say I live in the worst case scenario world in my head.

No matter what your beliefs, this type of violence should never have happened.

#OrlandoStrong #OrlandoUnited Pulse Orlando LEGO

I am glad that I was able to spend the time to place flowers. It meant more to both of this than I think we realized it would. It’s still hard to think about.

I took photos that day and I haven’t gone through them, because I just don’t want to relive that pain quite yet, but Orlando, it’s a strong city and I’m proud to live so close and have been able to call it home in the past.


We’ve been taking all kinds of pictures and recording more and more video for Eat More Work Less, and yet I have not found/made the time to edit any of it. Guess I need to get on those… Oh and the looq videos as well 🙂


Things were slow…. And then they were not. Not at all.

Golf Channel Morning Drive IMG_4563

And yeah, it’s still happening. Bring it on!


In April I got to attend a NASA Social, which means I got to do a lot of awesome things, including going to the top of the VAB and seeing a SpaceX rocket launch!

Jeff and I also got to see the re-imagined Imagination Zone at LEGOLANDO Florida.

Plus there’s been a lot of thought about content and what I want to write about, now I need to just sit down and write more.

Me time

Since Jeff and I both work from home, I know I do not get enough time to myself. And since it is so dang hot outside, I have not been using the backyard as much…summer…

I do spend daily time writing at 750words.com and I love it. It helps me clear my head. I am currently on day 62 and as of today (my birthday!), I finished 50,000 words for the month! Woohoo!

Healthy mindset

Some days when I think about it, I feel as though my brain has been switched with someone else (in a good way!) because most days I feel like a different person.

A year ago, I was turning 30 and struggling to figure out how to love myself. I’m not saying that I am 100% there all the time, but I am right where I need to be.

As an example, I have been to a lot of concerts in my life. And a few days ago, we went to a show to see some of Jeff’s work in action behind B.o.B, and the amount of dancing I did and fun I had does not compare to any of them because I let loose and had a great damn time because I was not worried if someone was looking at and/or judging me. It felt amazing!

Bob B.o.B music concert St. Pete Been "been woke stay woke"

What was even better was being there to see Jeff’s graphics as the third element on stage and then I got to meet the man behind the music. Jeff was able to talk with B.o.B after the show about a project they’re working on now together and I was able to tag along this time. It was awesome to be able to stand between two of my favorite artists 🙂

One of these days soon, I write up the story of how this whole B.o.B thing came about. It’s one of my favorites!

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