Clothes Create Emotions

To some, clothes just cover their body.

To others, it’s a way to express themselves.

Then there are the ones that put on the same type of thing every morning because it helps them get on with their day – no thought required.

For me, it can be quite a mix.

Lately I’ve been running into a bit of a dilemma when it comes to my current clothes because of weight loss – most of the clothes I wear have become too big. Some of them just hang and make me feel not confident in the slightest, so as I’ve been doing laundry I have been making a donate pile.

donate clohtes

It’s been hard because…

  • we don’t have the money to just run out and get new pieces
  • that whole “going shopping” thing seems tedious
  • I don’t want to part with some of the clothes

The last one keeps throwing me for a loop though. As I was putting a load of clothes away today, I realized that more and more things are being added to the donate pile. I seem to have stories behind so many of my clothes – where I’ve worn them, how I feel in them, what people have said about them.

When people talk…

One is a pair of pajama shorts that I got almost right out of college – we’re talking 10+ years ago. I ordered them from Old Navy and had them shipped to work and I’ll never forget when I pulled them out of the box for the first time….

I was in the back area with a friend looking at them when a much older co-worker walked in and looked at them and said, “Wow, those shorts are huge!”

We were friends/acquaintances. I would say she thought of herself more like a mother figure, though she’s nothing like my mom.

Here I was standing trying to deal with the fact that I was gaining/had gained 75+ pounds in a couple of years and that I was needing to get bigger clothes. I was trying to deal with it in my way, but hearing those words hurt. They stabbed me like a knife and every time I saw those shorts over the years those words came flooding back.

When I decided to place them in the donate bag, there was a sense of relief like no other, but not for the reason you’re probably assuming.

I am thrilled that I have been much better about taking care of myself and have lost almost 60 pounds, BUT… those horrible words will (hopefully) never pass through my brain again.

So yeah, watch what you say to people. And the whole “oh, that’s just how (fill-in-the-name) is,” that is a crap ton of crap.

2 thoughts on “Clothes Create Emotions

  1. YES YES YES. I totally understand what you mean about how getting rid of those shorts will not allow a window into thinking about those words she said and how she made you feel!! YOU GO GIRL.

    And i know that finding clothes is such a pain! We’ve talked about this and will continue to, I’m sure… but I had a couple of other thoughts.

    If there is anything you love/are attached to but doesnt fit you anymore, think about if it can be altered! It could cost just a couple of dollars to have pants or a skirt taken in, or you may know someone in real life that can help you do it on your own, too!

    I’ve had a lot of luck in clearance racks at Macy’s, you just have to go in with the mindset that you may need to try on 20 things to find 2-3 you love enough to buy. At certain times they have a MEGA clearance with additional percentages off, which is the best time to go.

    Target clearance is another one that I can sometimes find A LOT of winners, and sometimes take 50 things in to try on and leave with 1 thing. Just be patient with yourself and the experience, even though its mega-annoying.

    OH – and I keep meaning to mention – MAXI SKIRTS… and ones that can work as dresses and/or be folded or rolled to be shortened are a good pieces because of how versatile they can be; highly recommended.

    • Reading through this again after cleaning out the closet this weekend makes me want to actually go look from some clothes now 😉

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