Childhood Thoughts: Peace

For most of my life I have documented it in some way or another. Growing up I remember keeping a journal hidden in my room – dresser, bag, closet, bay window (having a waterbed didn’t help much.) During that time I was always snapping pictures or taking video of everything. I’m pretty sure my parents were happy to stop footing such a high film processing bill when I started working at a camera shop in high school.

All of that to say, I should not have been surprised when my mom brought over more binders full of old school writings/projects. While many of them are complete nonsense about the millions of ways my friends and I were going to meet the Backstreet Boys, a few of the other ones (along with teacher notes) have been thought provoking.

There were a few essays/writings that spoke to how I still feel today and I was a bit shocked to see how honest I had been back then. I realized I must have hid how much certain things bothered me even though I was talking about them in my writings.

Kind of like now – lay it all out there in writing, but let’s never talk about it in person πŸ˜‰

Since I was brave enough to share this back then, let the fun begin…



Find the following ingredients:
the world (with people)
one cup of kindness
two and a half cups of love
a half a cup of forgiveness
four cups of anti-hate
two cups of happiness

Take the entire world (with all the people) and mix the following with it: four cups of anti-hate, one cup of kindness, a half a cup of forgiveness, and after that is mixed together, mix in: two and a half cups of love and two cups of happiness. When that is all mixed together, you will get a great big batch of PEACE!


Somehow I knew even back then that more anti-hate was needed than anything else.