About Kelly

Hi! Welcome!

I’m pretty easily summed up by: I love everything LEGO, Harry Potter, theme parks, and Gilmore Girls.

Most days you’ll find me behind a camera or at a computer transcribing.

Things about me

– I live near Orlando, Florida with my boyfriend.
– We have a manx kitten named Chiker (Chi-ker) – as in hitchhiker for his thumbs.
– I love going to theme parks – they allow me to take pictures, people watch, and wander aimlessly.
– Reform Your Inner Mean Girl helped set me on the path I needed to go.
– I love spending time exploring new towns, and looking around Goodwills and yard sales with Jeff.
– My childhood/teen years were spent at concerts.

About the blog

When I started Living the Before in 2009, I was in a much different place. I kept hitting a new highest weight and when 252.6 showed up on the scale I realized that it was beyond time. And it wasn’t until a couple of years later when I was at my lowest emotionally and mentally, that I started learning that I needed to like myself before I was able to try to take care of myself.

Since then I have gained self-confidence and have lost 50 pounds. Getting to this chapter in my life has included a lot of different paths.

Weight Watchers (multiple times, both online and meetings)

Counting calories on my own (multiple times)

OA (Overeaters Anonymous)

All of those things worked for me for a while (or a bit, or until I just got fed up and moved on), but it wasn’t until I took baby steps to learn how to love myself.

Those steps are still happening and are still being figured out every day.

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