Counting Calories and Binge Eating

Disclaimer: This post talks about binge eating. If you have any issues with disordered eating or you think this could be triggering for you, please do not read, or read with caution. I wanted to share my binge eating story, so people know they are not alone. And remember, I am not a professional.

For years, my go to for weight loss has always been counting calories. However, things may be changing with that now since my binge eating habits are the forefront in my mind.

I started counting calories on SparkPeople years and years ago. I loved it! After a while, I stopped, but it was always awesome to go on there and earn points for tracking food and water and commenting, etc.

When I was a paying Weight Watchers member (which has been a couple of times over the years), I counted then as well – points, calories, call it what you want.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been visiting My Fitness Pal. (Keyword: visiting.) I wasn’t always adding food to my food journal, but dang it, I wanted that “log in” streak to keep going.

While it’s nice to get the “You’ve been logging in for 5, 10, 15, etc days!”, I realized that I was somewhat lying to my My Fitness Pal friends and also myself.

Why keep up the streak/facade if I wasn’t logging my food daily or even once a week?

Ever since I started going to OA, I’ve realized that bingeing is what is holding me back.


OA literature clearly states that OA is not a calorie counting club, but I thought/figured that the two could go hand in hand. However, right now, the best option for me is to strictly focus on my binges.

So, for now, I’m saying bye to my daily My Fitness Pal logins. (I’ll still be weighing in there.)

I’m choosing to focus on working on my binge cycle.

I am NOT saying that counting calories is not an effective way to lose weight because it totally is. I’ve done it in the past and it has worked. I just know that my bingeing is way more mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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  1. Getting to the root of binge eating is such a huge battle and I know I’ll never be 100% “cured” of it, so now my goal is to recognize the behavior while it’s happening and do a quick analysis of what I’m feeling that makes me want to binge. When I look at it dispassionately, as data for continuous improvement in a project – and I’m the project – I can usually spot the trigger and either work around it or neutralize it. Once I stopped thinking it was something I could be rid of forever I became far more forgiving and less angry with myself when it happens.
    Denise @ Do you have that in my size??? recently posted..Project Happy/Healthy Me: June Review and Goals for July/August

    • You’re absolutely right! Always a work in progress, which is what I keep reminding myself. And that’s fantastic that you have that state of mind! šŸ™‚

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