Sick Days, A Dead Fish, Friends (and a Weigh In)

You guys, when I said I needed to refocus last week, it apparently meant that my body needed time to reset itself as well.

I’ve been sick for almost a week now. This is just way too many sick days.

Every time I feel like I’m getting better, I come crashing back down, so I’m pretty sure sometime today I’ll be venturing out to see my doctor.

I haven’t been tracking calories.

I haven’t been drinking enough fluids.

And only over the past couple of days have I been snacking, so maybe that means I’m really starting to feel better?

I need less snacking in my life, and more of this…


I got a very special note in the mail from Heather, which made me feel better 🙂


And then Jeff brought me home a gift (pre Valentine’s day…)


Yes, boys and girls, that is a dead fish in a bag. It’s made of glass and it is amazing. (This is just another reason why him and I belong together.)

I’ve been playing a little Sims again. Boy do I love this game.


And yes, I made Jeff and I into Sims..we’re pretty awesome 😉

Oh and to help with my snacking I ended up making some popsicles ala Cassie’s cookbook.


Is that enough pictures for you? 🙂 On to the weigh in…

Starting weight: 252.6 (3/13) / recommitment: 246 (10/13)
Last Weigh In: 241.8 (2/7/14)
This Weigh In: 236.2 (2/14/14)

Loss This Week: -5.6 pounds
Total Loss: -16.4 pounds

I immediately feel the need to say that I’m scared of where I’ll be next weigh in..which leads me to say, I’m going to be happy that I lost weight PLUS the weight that I gained the week before. Yay!!

Here’s to a healthier, less sick week!

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  1. I can’t believe he killed nemo. What a jerk! (hehe) I’m sorry you got sick, that happened to me in January and I was out for 2 weeks. the first week I tried to muscle through it, and the second week I slept in 8 hour increments 2 or 3 times a day ( yeah…I was asleep way more than I was awake). Take care of yourself!
    Katie recently posted..Move Nourish Believe: Week 2

    • haha! Yes, what a jerk! 😉 That sounds familiar…I tried to just make it through and deal with it. However, now that I’ve gone to the doctor, I’m glad I have my meds. And yes, I feel like I’ve been sleeping more than I’m awake (except for last night that is!) I can’t wait to be done with this crap.

  2. I know I’ve already said it a few times, but I really hope you feel better soon! And I love that you and Jeff are so in sinc with each other!
    Michelle @ Tales of a Fit Kitty Mama recently posted..Advance Planning

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick! I hope you feel better and have a wonderful week!
    Mary (A Merry Life) recently posted..Pulling Out Of A Funk

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