Archives for January 2011

Polar Plunge 2011 Happened

The coldest day of the week and I decide to go to Aquatica. To THINK about jumping into a non-heated pool. It was all for Special Olympics. So, I was ready..kind of. From what I heard, there were 700 people in park and 500 of them were there to take the plunge! Dancing ensued before […]

A Day At The Park

After eight months I FINALLY got to see one of my best friends!  I called her to set up a play date. And play we did! At the park. With her two beautiful children! They are so adorable and fun to play with. Even after not seeing them for so long, they took right too […]

A Full Weekend

My childhood and teenage years came running back to me this past Saturday. And the fact that I had two huge pimples on my face…really brings it home. (Thanks inner 13 year old!) 10 minutes after they went on sale… Tickets are miiiiiiiine!! Mom and I are going on July 22nd. Wooohooo! And I digress… […]

Thyroid Adventures

The more and more I think about it the harder it gets for me to deal with. I keep thinking about going to see an endocrinologist so I can try and get my thyroid looked at since my nutritionist supplements just doesn’t seem to be working with my weight loss. Yes, my nose isn’t always […]

It Goes Down Smooth

Yesterday morning I made Jeff a “non green” smoothie and then made mine as green as possible! I don’t measure any ingredients, I just grab them and throw them in the blender, which our new one is AMAZING by the way! I started off with adding a glass of ice A handful of both spinach […]